– The driver is a contractor who works with the company to take the Rider.
– Drivers can not choose a Rider. Database Rider belongs to the company
– Rider can not choose Driver. Company Drivers Database
– Driver inspection is done by the company.
– Driving conditions set by the company.
– The commission is deducted by the company.
– Different Driver and Rider applications.
– Misleading and dubious Terms and Conditions.

– Managed by Dacsee community.
– Riders can choose the Driver by selecting the list of Drivers preferred.
– Driver’s inspection is done by the community and SPAD’s cooperation.
– 20% Apps fee is deducted and re-divided into Drivers and Riders.
– Paid in DACSEE crypto coin using Ethereum technology which can be converted into Ringgit according to current market.
– Driver and Rider applications are the same.
– Riders and Drivers are equally able to share profits.


This is the first time a crypto currency escapes a non-speculated business. Currency prices will skyrocket as soon as they are launched and a robust sales and transaction.

Intro Apps here

BAHASA- https://youtu.be/YS5JTp735w4

ENGLISH – https://youtu.be/yE4RLEnZ3FA

OK can not wait to register? Need the first 1000 drivers for Kuala Lumpur before being expanded to other states.

Please copy paste this message & invite your friends @ advertize on  wassup group @ facebook to be able to get referral reward. Please edit your own reference code if you have registered.

https://dacsee.info/#/register?ref= (fill in your invite code)

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